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Vargus GENius Software


tool selector and cnc program generator



Introducing the world's most intelligent tool selector and CNC program generator.

The VARGUS GENius™ offers the most popular and advanced thread turning and thread milling software on the market today, featuring VARDEX's threading applications.

Introducing the VARGUS GENius™ App


Vargus Genius app


Now available for iOS and Android devices


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Use on any device, anywhere in the world


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To download APK file directly to you phone click here.

The VARGUS GENius™ is also available in these non-App versions:


Online Version

  • NEW! Responsive design
    for smartphones and tablets!
  • Online interactive software
  • For the most popular web browsers
  • Most updated version always online

Desktop (Install) Version

  • Stand-alone software application
  • MS Windows Operating System-based program
  • Automatic updates

Setup Version

  • Stand-alone software package for USB memory devices
  • MS Windows operating system-based program
  • To install, open ZIP and click VargusGen.application
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September 2019 - Version WHAT'S NEW?


Thread Turning - TT Gen:

ALCN Line: New external toolholders with two high pressure coolant outlets

VG-Cut Reinforced Holders(PH): New external toolholders with two high pressure coolant outlets

VG-Cut Monoblock Holders: New external toolholders with two high pressure coolant outlets



Thread Milling - TM Gen:

New TM Solid MultiFlute Helicool Line

New CNC option for multiple radial passes (Patent Pending)

New MITM Offset Line for fast machining for large pitches in deep holes

TM Solid TMDR Line: Additional thread standard tools: ISO Metric, BSP & NPT

TM Solid HCR Line: Additional thread standard tools