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Ceramic Scraper Sets for Soft Metals and Plastics

Ceramic blades will not wear out, even after thousands of applications.
Avoid accidents commonly occurring with utility knives.

CeraBurr & Cera-Burr Curve

Ceramic Blade Tools
The perfect compact safety tool for deburring and deflashing soft
metal and plastic materials.

GloBurr Handle - Ceramic Blade

Lightweight, comfortable, easy-to-grip handle

Set Name Mfg. No. Handle
Cera-Burr 155-90084 Glo-Burr
Cera-Burr Curve Q11 155-00239 Glo-Burr

Multi-functional ceramic tool with replaceable Q10 blade for
deburring and deflashing of soft metal and plastic materials.
Handle includes slideable mechanism to easily insert and
switch blades. Utility blade included.

Easy-to-use and comfortable to hold handle. Conveniently
store the blades in the plastic casing.

Set Name Mfg. No. Handle Blades
Set Ceramix Q10 155-29238 Ceramix Q10
Set Ceramix Q12 155-00238 Ceramix Q11