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Mango II B/E
Mango II B/E pic Mango IIB - Mfg. No: 152-00009
Mango IIE - Mfg. No: 152-00016

A high quality ergonomic handle, designed for extra-close and heavy-duty applications. Includes safety lock for simple blade replacement. Mango IIB accepts all B blades, Mango IIE accepts all E blades.

Mango II
Mango II pic Mfg. No: 152-00019

A high quality ergonomic handle to be used with telescopic holder, designed for heavy duty and long-reach applications. Accepts all SHAVIV holders.

Mango Click E
Mango Click E pic Mfg. No: 152-00013

Designed for larger-sized hands. Your best choice for extra-close and tough applications. Compatible with all E-series blades.

Aluminum pic Mfg. No: 152-00005

Extra heavy-duty deburring handle with metal mechanism. Accepts all SHAVIV blade holders for long-reach applications.

Mango II pic Mfg. No: 152-00003

Simple-to-use, SHAVIV's tough classic universal handle. Accepts all SHAVIV blade holders for long-reach applications..

Mango II pic Mfg. No: 155-29057

Heavy-duty versatile pin vise handle. Accepts all SHAVIV scraping blades, as well as reamers, files, drills, coutersinks, taps and more.
Grips objects with 1-8mm (0.04-0.32 Inch).